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https://c-it.si - When you are starting up a new blog the passion is always high, if the blog start growing by gaining more readers and followers your passion to blog more will increase. We can imagine possible worlds that are even more different or less different in various ways - a possible world where the Allies lost World War II, a possible world in which human beings never existed, a possible world exactly like the actual one except that the book next to me sits a millimeter farther to the right than it actually does, and so forth. Alvin Plantinga famously defends a version of the ontological argument that makes use of the notion of possible worlds. 1. Use the template provided to cut out two swans from white felt, reversing the template to cut the second swan. In a post from yesterday, Dale objects to my claim (in the first of the two earlier posts linked to above) that the doctrine of the Trinity is implied by the New Testament. That is different from claiming that formulas like three Persons in one substance are implied by the New Testament. Just to clarify, contrary to what Dale supposes, I did not claim that the creedal formulas were logically implied by the New Testament. I like the illustration Dale uses, BTW. In recent weeks there has been a fair bit of discussion of the Trinity i...