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No Choice Boy I Forced Out Sports, To Go And Cop Sum Ice

Designer On My Mojo, I Live In The Spotlight

Real Street Nicka Aint No Flaw, Yung Future Gotta Keep Dat Raw

My Swag I Gave To You Nickas, Ima Need Me A Round Of Applause

Bravo (Bravo) Bravo (Bravo) Bravo/ BRAVO BRAVO

Gotta 100,000 Dollars Worth Of Clothes, Im Froze (Im Froze) Im Cold

I Keep Me A Big Bank Roll, I Aint Tricking Off On These Hoes

These Hoes Bringing Me They Soul, I Wil Never Sell My Soul

Cash Out On All These Cars, These Foreign (Foreign) Broads

Gotta Nicka Living In The Stars, Im On My Way To Mars

Got Keyshia, Pam And Nicki, They All Wanna Do A Minaj

A.1., Free Band, Free Vans, We Aint Never Gotta Got Dam Flarge