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I'm special. Why not ? I don't want to be like everyone !! >:D

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Kerui the blue kitty

I'm special. Why not ? I don't want to be like everyone !! >:D

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Friends, we have a problem that we all are concerned. There are always more falsely reporters, stalkers, copiers and haters!

If you agree, we will now make a number of clips with the title: Hate-Na. (Name by id:Candyvanessa)

The emphasis is on the "Hate", because more and more people appear here, to ruin Hatena!

So much people leave Hatena cause of this!

The name have to do with "Hate" but the content have to do with "Na", we say "No" to the falsely reporters, stalkers, copiers and haters! Please tell it everywhere! I count on your support! Let us clean Hatena once and for all!

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◕ ◡ ◕ hem hem .... LADIES AND GENTLEMENSSS !!!!! I'm a little blue cat (female >:1) and if you like bananas, don't forget me if you have some :P *THUD* So okay guys, LET'S GO READ MY (crappy) DESCRIPTION !!!! (and my biography of course :P)

(。◕‿◕。) I'm KERUI, Kirui, Kiri, Keru-Keru, Sandwich cat (WTF ?) or simply The Little Blue Crazy Young (or Old) Crappy Cute Kitty ♥ ... xDDD.

(!) I know : Kerui means something in CHINESE, not in JAPANESE !!!!!!!!!!

I can't tell you my real name .... But you can read this important thing: IMMAH GEURL xDDDDDDDDD :B that's not funny : some people (like eJay 8D) thought I was a boy *THUD* good memories :'< *snif*.... I decide to speak english now, i'm not so bad at this >:3 but I Can speak french and spanish .... but a little spanish so. YEEEAAAAAAAH I LOVE RAINBOWZ AND COOKIEZ and bananas. Now read the rest plz xDDD if it's so boring go see my old flipnotes. I'm so dumb ....? xD

I'm born the 10 of July 1997 at 19:26 !! :O I'm an American California girl and also i'm spanish and french, also i'm chinese and ... oh forget :1. I live near PAris, my school is in Belgium. :L bluuuh.

I'm in the AWSOMENESS CUTENESS and THE MOST FANTASTIC family in Flipnote Hatena : PIKAWAÏ FAMILY !!!!! With my sis' and bro':

☆My Juji <3<3 The most amazing pichu in teh world

★Katz <3<3 The most epic Pikachu in teh world

☆Thomas <3<3 The Yoshi that can draw ANYTHING xD

★Valentin <3<3 The most crazy Kirby in teh world

☆eJay <3<3 The only one, the best onion I ever seen

★Kigara <3<3 BEST SISTER EVER !!!!!!!

☆PiKa ♪ <3<3 That beautiful POWERFUL Pikachu !!!!!

★Kerui ♪ :B ... wait a min- Oh it's just only me.

☆Eevee'Pink <3<3 THE MOST BEAUTIFUL EEVEE and sister in teh family !!!!!!

Allison <3<3 the most funniest little blue foxy (?) >w< who loves HUGZ

Scarlett <3<3 The most amazing sister in teh family !!!

Matthieu <3<3 I LOVE MUSHROOMS so i love him xDDDD

☆Kéké <3<3 The apprentice of Katz xD He's so cuuute

Ray <3<3 You are more cute than Kéké xD no you are BOTH cute together.

My other family members and friends:

☆Zucario, my husband <3<3

★Zukerui, our son <3<3

☆Tata Ilénia >w<

★Grand frère Walker :3

☆Chocobo, my apprentice °0°

★Kéké (the fox) tu vas me manquer xD

Maman Ylala

★Papa Lukio

Oncle Saphi XD

★My real sister Kirboo

☆Yuiiiiiiii :U <3

Sister Lightyyyy :V

☆Shaymin form the U.S.A

Apple Mat :9

Sistah Suichan <3

★Darkiiiiiiii °O°


Phoebe >w<

☆Draco Lisa =D

★fanny <3

☆LunaStar oAo where are you ??

★Deziar -u- no i dont forget her

Candy <3

★Charme (Katz' sister !)

Ma nièce Troizi ...





★Celemin ORANGE JUICE !!!





(!) Some of them leaved Flipnote Hatena, :( in part because they are sick of you, stoopid false reporters and copiers !! And some leaved with no reasons, or disapear ... Well, I hope I can see them soon.

Birthday date ♪ ◉◡◉

Kerui ♪ : 10 july

Valentin™ : 15 february

☆Katz☆ : 1 november

☆My~Jひすi※★ : 17 january

Ejay : 25 april

Ray★: 18 april

Eevee'pink : 26 june

Allison : 21 november

★Thomas★: 27 march

$carlet☆ :

Pika ♪ : 28 june

☆Suichan☆ : 21 may

Kéké ★ : 14 april

Kéké ☆ : 13 may

Anaëlle :

Lukio :

mijuAndrea : 17 october

fanny ^^ :

Dézíar☆★ : 16 march

Matthieu☆ : 27 march

Candy~☆ : 26 march

H3artL3ss さと : 27 december

Ylala : 24 may

skiti☆ : 17 april

♥♥♥ Favourites flipnote ♥♥♥


DON'T FORGET : Look some other flipnotes of ALL THESE PEOPLE OK ????? >8X just look.

1# Made by : FleesVeon id:ana555

Comment : Nothing to say ... just AWSOME.

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Comment : 8P I've already told you to look this flipnote but it's just beautiful.

4# Made by : Eevee'Pink

Comment : The best flipnote for me by her... She was an amazing creator. You should look plz.

5# Made by : M id:Mkyouzyu

Comment : I love Luke and that's why I love this flipnote !!! :3

6# Made by : ★~Yuna~☆ id:pokemon-trainer1

Comment : Don't know why it's my fav one, but I always enjoy looking this flip !!! <BP Why ?

7# Made by : ☆Katz☆ id:LadyBoo


8# Made by : SuperSonic id:PikaDude

Comment : I'm a GINGER BREAD MAN !!!!!!! X''DDD Can't stop laughting !!!

9# Made by : Joe id:Penguinburger1

Comment : Look this flipnote if you want to be a gentleman ;) !!

10# Made by : Alejandro id:CreYosKip382

Comment : XD OMG 2 FLIPNOTES !!! Becuse I love them :/ and he's an amazing creator, you should had him in your fav !!

UUUUUUUM Finish ... I think.

Congratulations !! You read my description !! 8D You win ... nothing.

And an important message : if I'm not busy, I can do some icons if you want ! Thanks for reading this, bye !


ZUCARIO: I'M IN LUV WITH A REAL HUMAN >:U ... BUT I still love you xD People, you think we're lesbian ... But remember. My chara Kerui is a GIRL, Zucario is a MALE CHARA !! IT's just a joke ... understood now ? :P

Ồ-Ố If you know you finish reading this description, why are you stealing read ? xD Crappy joke.

  • Kerui~♪
Full name

Kerui, the little blue kitten.


D: Hey !! You must know I'm a girl !!


14 now.


10 of July 1997.

Blood type

:1 Uuum ...


Flipnote Hatena, drawing, playing Animal Crossing, use the computer, and read (not books D:)


>XD I'm in a boarding school.

Place of residence

.__. near Paris. And in Belgium (for school only).

Place of birth

>:D CALIFORNIA in the U.S.A !!!


:1 uum ... drawings ?

Special skills

I'm special :P *thud*


French, english ... a little (bad) chinese and (maybe ...?) spanish.