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Meow meow meow. Meow. Meow meow. :p that's what goes through my head most of the time cuz I LOVE FRIGGEN CATS :3 Ima cat lady that's only 11 yearses old. I (technically) own 6 cats (strays that live by my house but I feeds dem) <3 Kk so now I will list all my important chars, cuz I have alot of unimportant ones XD

Hailwhisper: White shecat with blue gray paws and tail, pale blue gray ears and stripes and blue-black bangs with deep blue eyes. (See falling ice, One of my WC series foe more info) She used to be a med but now lives as a loner with 3 other cats.

Darkpond- dark gray Tom with pale blue eyes and gray markings under his eyes and on his chest. Hw's mate even though shes a med cat.

Rosestar: Leader or PrickleClan. Pale ginger shecat with brown legs, a stump of a tail, white chest and a star shaped scar on her cheek. Eyes change color depending on her mood. See Rosestar Bio for more info.

(Frost) Gleaming

on Silent Night: Gray Tom with blue eyes, blue gray ears, paws, tail, and patch on the head. He is deaf, Starclans punishment for hw since she was a medicine cat that had a kit (him). Frost can read minds and transfer his thoughts into others minds, so he can speak in a way.

Twilight Blizzard- Gray shecat with faded angel wings and black tail, paws and muzzle. Bangs cover her eyes completely because it can be fatal for someone to look into her eyes.

Aiyanda: Blue gray she-Xeman ( my species, NOT open, don't steal)

With darkish ear tufts, blue eyes and a necklace with a diamond attached.

Namira: gray She-Drolf (Drolf is also one of my species don't steal!) with blue eyes , gray paws and blue wings.

Flipnotes to check out:

Warrior Brats! This is a series I'm making, A parody of Warrior Cats. Check it out! It's very popular and if you're a fan you'll love this!

Wafflez LOVES this flipnote!: This is a channel I made a while ago. Anyflip I loved i will post there. I link new flipnotes ther about once or twice a month.

Favorite Creators!

Check out the flipnotes made by my favorite creators! I suggest you face them too.

Okay so that's pretty much it. Bye, thanks for reading!

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