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Right, It's time I actually put a description.

Name: Echo

Age: 15 (That's right punks.)

Grade: Sophomore

I like to draw, I admit that I haven't been on hatena lately, but the reasonas will be known all in good time. I am a seasoned writer; I have written over 50 pages worth of fanfiction, and it isn't all dialouge like most. Don't believe me? Check it out, but I doubt what half of you even know what its about. Lol.

There's the site. Go ahead and look if you want, I'm not really caring.

Anyway, I must explain my absense. You see, I was busy writing out the entire plot and scenarios for Persona/Shadaow. As I mentioned before, you, the viewer will chose the path and choices for the Protagonist. This is a CYOA (Choose Your Own Actions).

The things I am into are: Persona 3, FFCC: Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates, Echoes of Time, the Crystal Bearers, and Utau.

I suppose it isn't obvious that I'm a girl, is it?