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Self introduction - Minecraft is about creating a world and surviving in it, making it more of a solo endeavour. Take a look below to know more! But did you know that your kids can learn to code by using these gaming platforms? This game experience makes one not just return to the game once, but actually keeps coming all the time till this game becomes their property when they think bored or did not know where you should go. Lots of games make you keep coming back due to the graphics, fighting techniques or even the attractive females they have. But on the flip side, because all the Roblox games have been created by users, they can drastically vary in quality. In Hardcore mode, death really does mean the end, as everything that your child collected and created will be lost. Created in 1999 on games console, the game with attractives graphic design is now available for free on mobile version. Best of all, kids can design their own mods, editing the games source code and learning Java in the process. Whether your child wants to design amazing architecture, feel the thrill of flying and fighting with monsters, or is content with farming vegetables and taming animals, they can do it all on Minecraft. Modifications, known as mods, can be downloaded online for free and used to transform a normal Minec...