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Hello everyboady!

I like drawing stickfights but sometimes I make another kinds of flips, it depends!

When I see a copy, I always feel strange because it gets sometimes so many stars... And my flipnotes don't... > Guys, stop copying! FAQ's: Q: Are you a boy or girl? A: I'M A BOY. MALE. GUY. Have you understood? I hope so. Q: How long does it take you to make Flipnotes? A: I'd like to say one week, but my homework don't agree with me... -_- Q: Can I feature you in a flipnote? A: Of course you can! Feel free to do it whenever you want! Q: Unlock this please? A: If you only want to steal this, I'm not sure I will... Q: Will give me stars/fave me/enter my contest/insert some other annoying begging objective here? A: Don't think so. I do it when I get to a cool flip without being advertised. Q: Can you give me tips on Flipnotes/getting popular on Hatena? A: I will do it when I'm popular. ^^" Q: Are you single? A: Forget me. Q: ZOMFG WHY U IGNORING MEH IN CHAT??????? A: I can't speak to 8 persons at the same time y'know. :/ ~~~~ Bonjour tout le monde! Je dessine surtout des stickfights mais il peut m'arriver de créer d'autres flipnotes! Quand je vois des flipnotes copiées, je me sens bizarre parce qu'elles ont des fois tellement d'étoiles... Au contraire de mes flipnotes... > Arrêtez de copier les gens!
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