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Im from Japan but live in the USA.

i have always loved to draw and paint.

i love drawling gameing danceing wrighting, and being a christion!

im a strong indapindit girl! don't mess wt ME, you will pay the price if you mess with me or a friend! just ask my bff!

im not mean, just .... a bit of a hot head >.< but don't let that mess up are relation ship k? im kinda random at times and maybe a lil crazy -.- i love comedy and romace-action kinda books ;)

i will one day becoume an Auther/Novilest and write 100 books!!!

look for these titles in like five years XD : Flight; The Cardnle Rule;Reaper Hallows; Hidding in plane sight and Those With Wings!

Quick update: I change my drawling stiles... ALOT at first i tried Sonic/O.C.s then a more humen style then a silly Chibi style, and now i am more of a Manga/Anime style.

Also its hard for me to draw on here, My L and R buttens are... not there, long story. but i will somtimes use Edit me's not becouse i am a bad draler but becouse i: A: don't have time B: can't draw at the moment or C: changing styles... again.

soon i will make a seires about Jasson and Luna, maybe and it will be drawn by ME no E.M.s used... expect that out withen the year. K? k.

ZeldaAddict OUT!!!! <3