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Hey hey! You found this page! Congrats, you can read!

Stuff I'm working on currently:

Abrax' New Weapon (credit to Glen-i's 'Groudon's New Toy')

LORD A.R.T. 2 (Done), 3 (Done) & 4 (Done, 5 will be slightly delayed)

Shadow Squad 1.2 (Delayed), 1.3 & 1.4

However, most of these will be delayed by a little project I'm calling 'All Your Fortress Are Belong To Us' staring me, Homestar, Random Guy and Reaper Jr (Delayed until end of the RPC, yeah, ikr?).


Get on Glen-i's Favourites (Done, thanks for the add)

Get on Sofiz's Favourites (Done, many thanks!)

Get 500 Fans

Get 250000 Stars

Get 1 Purple Star

Reach 10th in the rankings

Reach 5th in the rankings

Reach 1st in the rankings

Get Golden Citizen Badge

And that's all I can tell you for now.