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language structure

The structure of the language and essay is closely related to each other. It should be considered when writing complex scientific essays. We - - will tell you a little about it.

Structure of words and word forms (morphology)

Morphology is the theory of forms in language. It is the science of the changes in shape that words undergo through declination and conjugation. By examining the structures of words and their changes, morphology relates them to the meanings and changes in meaning associated with them. This is not a subject of phonology / phonetics or syntax.

Structure of word groups and sentences (syntax)

Syntax is on the one hand a sub-area of semiotics and on the other hand a sub-area of the grammar of natural languages (navigate to this website to create an essay). As a sub-area of grammar, syntax deals with the structure and structure of the sentence. In this sense, syntax is the theory of propositions. The syntactic description is based on specific methods of sentence analysis. The boundaries to other levels of description, especially to morphology (morphosyntax) and semantics, are fluid.


Our - - advice: Make sure that your text has been written in one stylist, otherwise it will lose all the meaning and will not be assessed as it should.

The specific methods of syntactic description are

  • sentence analysis, which includes operational procedures such as the changeover sample, the replacement sample and the omission sample;
  • the creation of categories, for example sentence typing, sentence segment classification.

Meaning of words and sentences (semantics)

Semantics (Greek semantikos = belonging to the sign, indicative) is the study of the meaning of linguistic signs. Linguistic expressions such as words, phrases and sentences are examined. Above all, it is about individual linguistic expressions, the meaning of entire sentences and the relationship between linguistic expressions and extra-linguistic reality.

Meaning of linguistic utterances (pragmatics)

The pragmatics examined the use of language in a variety of speaking situations. The term comes from the Greek [téchne] pragmatike = art of doing right. This means that this sub-science is specifically about the use of language. Different schools have emerged since the beginning of pragmatics. For GERALD GAZDAR, pragmatics is the meaning of the sign minus the conditions of its truth.

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