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Hey everyone! I hope you have an fantastic winter, And Christmas! Anyway's I would like you to add Dragon (Dragon0306) She is my next door neighbour and she is only 9 but she is amazing at Manga and Anime! It won't let her log in on her account on Dsi or post any flipnote's to a channel, My account has been acting strange lately as well, I have posted flipnote's for 30 day's and I made a channel. But now it's saying I only posted them for 4 day's but I can make a channel. I will be in Random Guy's chat room wasting my life there (Like are you other creep's who go there) My best friend's are: Elimy, Dragon, Firestar, LemurCake, Megarunner, Blossom, Amy (Dragon's other character) And I could name lot's more! Well I hope you liked learning about me, Bye!