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TIME TO UPDATE THIS THING. Heres an interview from Super~Fail. Im gonna fill it out like a boss. dB Alright lets answer dem questions >:D

1.Who inspired you to join hatena. -Nobody really, i just found it one day lol

2.Who's your favorite creator. -FleesVeon and Eaglenbula

3.Do you like Ink Inc/Spolder. -Yes hes my friend xD

4.Do you know how to do anime in your flips. -Ive never tried anime lol

5.What inspired you to make a character with a Backwards Hat. -One of Spike's old flips...idk why the hats so long tho xD

6.Is chuy your brother because thats what I heard. -No hes my grandma dB jk but no hes not in rl ._.

7.How did you become such a good creator. -Letting my fans motivate me to improve :P

8.Can you make a flip tutorial for people that need inprovement. -Depends on what people need to learn lol

9.LOL Wanna be friends. -Ill be friends with anybody xD

10.Can you enter my Icon Contest. -If i have the time ._.

11.I ran outta questions. -Okay bye then .O.


Next is an interview from Pegasus..Lets go >:D

1. Do you... want to drink... MMMMMMIIIIILLLLLK!?!? dB -Of course i do, even if its from a chocolate cow dB

2. How did you become the master of effects (I can't get that circle exit thing right. xD) -Studying how other people do their effects, and eventually i learned to do them myself :P

3. Can you put me in a MV -Maybe.. eUe

4. What do you look forward to do this summer? -I love amusement parks so i wanna go to some xD If you mean what i plan on doing for hatena, i wanna make lots of flips :D (My motivation is high right now)

5. Do you like Mario? -I play Mario Kart Wii a lot, so i guess xD

6. Do you like pancakes/ (Ha didn't say waffles.) >:D -CHOCOALTE CHIP PANCAKES ARE THE BEST :DDDDD lol

7. Do you like French toast/ -Yeeeah dB

8. Do Do Do Do. Can't wait to get a mouthful. xD -WAFFLES! dB

9. You almost have 20000 fans. How do you feel about that? -I feel appreciated and loved :D I love all my fans :)

10. Did you like this interview? - Yes i did .U.

11. Good. Becuz I'm outta questions. dB - D:

12. Bye. -Cya :P


Heres another interview from Exotic :D .....dB

1.Do you want the whole Squirtling thing to stop? -I dont really mind it as much as most people, so idk xD

2.Who was your first fan on Hatena? -Dont remember, but one of my first friends was Mitter :D

3.What do you wanna be when you're older? -Dont really know yet xD lol

4.Do you ever block people? -Only if someone is really bothering me :P

5.Are you overrated or underrated? -Im not the person to judge that xD lol

6.Why did you switch to this style now? -I think it looks better :)

7.Boogidieeboogidieboodah! -Waggledefoofahroolalashoonana dB

8.Did you ever plan on quitting before? -Nope :P

9.Are you sad that Alexian was banned? :( -Yeah i was D:

10.Are you constipated? XP - no xD lmao

11.Why do always use the dB face? -Because its one of my fav faces xD

12.Is Swish a Squirtling? I can't tell if he is. -I dont think so ._.

13.Are you happy that you were in Epic's and Anthony's flips? _Yeah i was actually very surprised when i saw that :U

^^If anyone else wants to write me an interview i'll fill it out here :U