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hey guys its me! its been a long time and if you guys check back often just to check i'd like to let you know that i've been ok and i miss some of you guys!

to taco/oreopie: i miss you a lot and for years i thought you never came back because we fought often but it turns out that wasn't the case and i'm sorry...i hope you're well now though

to randomeevee: i feel like we connected through my tumblr phase but i feel as if we never connected connected

to kiya: where are you? i remember you sometimes and wonder how youre doing! i hope you're continuing your path

to taylor/arc: the last time we heard from you was when your father was diagnosed with cancer and we all feared the worst when you disappeared-- i hope you're well now...and if you ever look at this-- we miss you!

there are so many of you i've lost throughout the years and i wish to just know how you guys are and i guess the only way is to hope you come across this profile...

to cassidy: you've tormented me for years- you mentally abused me and made me feel so bad about myself and i'm glad you're out of my life now and i'm glad i have friends who love me now and dont hate me out of no where like you did so many times. even the things you associated with i loathe and i can never enjoy them anymore because of the thought of how you liked them pops up. i sincerely hope you get what comes to you because you made my life a living hell ever since we met

to luca: you were cool for a bit until you ended up liking vince and getting weird about it. and theres nothing much to say other than i really hope you get the help you need because blamed me for things that were your own downfall and it sucks that we had to fall apart like that

to star: i wish you could see why i was so hostile towards those i hated and i wish you could see how upset i was when you decided to cut me from your life-- i wasn't even in the wrong but seeing you say such harmful things about disabled people, people who never had a single privilege in their life really hurt and for you to side with people who only wanted to hurt people of color and people with disabilities and lgbt-- it sincerely hurt and i hope you're a better person now.

to alejandro: get a life dude youre like old as fuck and you were out here invalidating my status as a latino and also made fun of my interests at the time yet you lived with your parents still while u were old as fuck-- no offense dude but grow up a little

anyways, this was pretty long but i feel like i can really say i wish you all the best

if you guys ever want to find me i'm on twitter now

and if that leads to no where then you can always try to reach me on tumblr through IM's though-- i check them not so often, so be ready to wait a bit

that's all for now..hope you all have a great life!


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