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Hello all. Why did you come here?! Are you stalking meh.....

I am addicted to anime! Especially Hetalia. SuFin is the best couple that will ever live. BELIEVE IT! How can people not love Hetalia? I am going to be doing a few flips about it if I have time, because I am addicted to roleplaying XD

If you love Hetalia, consider us friends...

I am in love with the game Portal. It is amazing. Do not think about giving me cake. It is a lie... GLaDOS is shmexy and Wheatley is too! Lol. Portal is a puzzle game in which you are a test subject in the Aperture Science Facility. Buy it on Steam liek RIGHT NOW! You will love it.

Pfft. Yeah, um I don't go on Hatena much becuase I spend most of my days on Chicken Smoothie. Best. Website. EVAR.

Hai again... I love wolves, Warrior Cats, Beta and Koi, manga & anime, Youtube, Minecraft, yaoi, roleplaying, writing, reading, drawing, listening to music and loads of other wierd stuff!

I am LunaStar. Probably going to change my name to Mrs. SuFin, but who knows.

Peace. Off.