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I am a furry, Lunar the fox is the name, if you dunt liek it, then please dont hate on my flip notes, or any other furries flip note, be respectful. Im 14 and a girl juz to be clear here and i am into Anthro and anime/Manga style art. I have done a few portraits of Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance though... I do alot of spin offs because i like to use the audio. Sorry if i do it wayyy to much...ill try not to. I am on face book as shanndah fisher, and i have a Deviant art account; EmoFox721, not 712 thats mah friend. DONT JUDGE IT cause i have not updated it since almost 2009...but you can check me out there for what i used to do at that time, i only had that crappy paint program that comes with the computer. too. :3 YAAAY ADD PARAGRAPH. SORRY IF THERE ARE REPEATED POSTS OF MY FLIP NOTES! i sometimes forget if i posted it ofr not.