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Random :D

Fave Colors: Fuchsia Pink, Lime green, Lavender (basically any kind of purple, Aqua blue, black, white, silver

Fave Clothing Brands: Aeropostale, Forever 21, Stitches, Urban Planet, American Eagle,

Fave food: Dairy Queen's Oreo Blizzard! Yummy!

Instrument: Piano, guitar, recorder LOL

Fave drink: 7-up

Hair: straight and black with natural red-ish highlights

Eyes: brown

Fave season: late spring/early autumn ._.

Nickname: Amie

Fave holiday: a tie between Christmas and Halloween!!! xD

Sport: volleyball!!!

Fave music artists: Hatsune Miku, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Rin Kagamine,

Fave candy: sour patch kids!!!!!!! :P

Hobby: drawing cute anime and manga

Fave subject: art

I hope everyone enjoys my art! Thanks for everyone's support! If you have any advice please leave it in the comments section!

Thank you!!! :D