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Heyy :)

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I'm a very random person! xD I LOVEEEE One Direction! They are my LIFE! Without them I don't know what I'd do! My name on Hatena is Mrs.Tommo♪ , I write a 1D fan-fic some of you may know it! I love writing stories and being creative! Some people say I have an over active imagination, and I really do! It's crazy! I'm also the BIGGEST Louis Tomlinson fan you will EVER meet! He is my celebrity crush and inspiration! He inspires me to do great things because he is an amazing person. Maybe someday I will meet him, and when I do, I will give him a big hug and say, "Thank you for everything you've done. You truly are an inspiration." :) No words can explain how much I love Louis William Tomlinson. I feel like he's my best friend, even though I don't know him personally. I support everything he does, no matter what. I love Eleanor Calder as much as I love Louis because she is an amazing person and truly a role model. I don't just love her because Louis loves her. She is very beautiful inside and out. I hope I grow up to be like her. :) *Have a very successful life, be beautiful, be a role model, and...have an wonderful boyfriend. :)

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Morgan Renee




13 next month :)


August 24 1999


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Playing piano, mostly 1D songs of course :P , playing guitar, singing, writing, and messing around outdoors.

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I'm one of the smartest people in my grade. I'm in all advanced 8th grade! I'm also VERY creative and I can learn ANYTHING very fast! When I learned the song "More Than This" by One Direction on the piano i could play the entire song through in about an hour!


English, Italian, some Spanish and French.