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Hiya! :D Cinny here -.-

Well, there's not much to say and no one will read this, so I'll just write my goals down

::: = Done

Get FR :::

Make an AMV for my BFF

Get a flip in the mp w/o noticing :::

Have lots of goods friends

Be kicked out of a clan :::

Buy 1 purple star and give it to someone who deserves it

Tell someone how much I love her

Post a flip I actually like

Make an AMV with a Gorillaz song

Post a series and finish it

Make a stranger feel better

Try to teach someone spanish :::

Make an AMV with a song in spanish

Make another AMV with a song in spanish

Be the deputy to a succesfull clan

Be one with mother Russia

Write a small story

Make someone smile

Do an original flip

Draw a phoenix, a good one

Make people love Akiel

Stop Akiel from biting his other arm

Show the world who Akiel is

Find the lost city of Atlantis

Learn how to draw L

Make a collab with Ari xD

Curse a stealer in spanish :::

Smile :::

Draw a good picture of my dogs

Make an OC whos name is Tiramisu

Start a succesfull RPing group

Break all my cyber bones

Give all of my friends strange last names

Learn proper english grammar

Get a flip in spanish into the mp

Learn French and speak it with Agrio

Finish another series

Quit one day w/o remorse or drama

:) Remember Hatena and smile

Well, as you can see, I'm quite busy xD lol see ya!

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