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Hey MechaSonic here and back yall

That's right

Now let's make this clear

If your wondering about the ponies

That's cause I'm a brony

That's right

And there nothing wrong with it at all

And the pegasus that looks like rainbow dash

That is my new oc

Rainbow dash's twin brother

Rainbow Swift

I wrote a FIM fiction called the double rainbow just look it up on my facebook

D3@dRainbow Swift

Or on ponysquare

Rainbow Swift

Now then

My fan characters:

Mecha Sonic (aka 001)

A.N.N. (Originally not mine but I'm sorta using her so any flips with A.N.N. Give whoever made the fan game called The S Factor: sonia and silver and not me

I'm not trying to steal anything I promise)

Sonic OC:


And derp I forgot the others


Drew the lucario


Rainbow swift

And some others I can't remember

(I need to write my info down lol)

And lol why am I even typing all of this randomness



That scout is a spy!


Oh yeah

I am also an amature spriter so my work isn't perfect but its a start and I'm always looking to improve and would love the help I can get

I mean I've spent more time on the death egg sprite more than anything

And I want to finish that death egg robot from sonic & knuckles WIP, the big arm boss from sonic 3 WIP, and the doomsday robot WIP

So yep

I could go on but ill wrap this up and whoa I just now noticed I got my citizenship back


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