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Hello everyone! Hears just a little bit of information about me, I'm a girl whom is 17 (nooooo! I'm old XO) I live in a tiny little town in Minnesota, and I LOVE art! Art is basically my favorite thing in the world. I've been drawing since as long as I can remember. I have always loved to draw animals. I will draw just about any animal you can think of, but I just can't draw people for some reason. My favorite animal would have to be either a cat or a wolf. Wolves look cool but cats have such great personalities, I just can't choose. But anyway, I hope you guys all like my flip notes!

DeviantArt: wingedwolf94

Feral Heart: redmoon

UPDATE: omfg! I lost my citizenship badge! and it was because the spinnoff of the spinoff of a flippen spinnoff got reported! I think thats a little harsh, no? and i was like 2 days away from geting my silver badge! Gahhhhh!