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Ello, darlings!(:

First act of business; MY BIRTH(x September 22, 1999, was when it was, dear child. My personality consists of being a care-free, lazy, creative 12-year old girl who absolutely adores writing out her feelings and ideas. I also like to draw, make some art, yo. I share my five husbands with girls around the world, but they're all so nice I allow it(x I'm kind of a... imaginative (is that even a word? xD) person, looking out for my friends. Yus, YOU'RE my friend, even if I never spoke to you before. Maybe we can get to know each other and become best of friends(:

Never had a cavity... or a broken bone... don't particulary like any other sport other than SOCCER <3 Played it ever since I was 4(x Music and my surroundings motivate me more than anything, I have no idea why. An idea always pops up every time, though. I joined Hatena this past August, thinking I would only have 100+ fans. It took me A LONG time to get there. And now I have an abundant amount more. I thank you ALL for that, precious sweeetpeas(: I loveeee chu. #ForeverAloneWiffMe -meaning I'm a single girl, and I'm PROUD xD

With everlasting love,

CupcakeST. <3