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A younG cat-like creature with long, rabbit-like ears. Her tail feathers glow when she is asleep, when it charges on solar power. She is mostly nocturnal, but sometimes has strange sleeping hours. (ex: 4:00 Pm - 12:00 AM)

Due to lack of teeth (she only has two fangs that are retractable like claws), she uses her tail to transform solid food into a semi-solid substance, and sometimes further to a liquid. Her tail is 1.5 times her body length from nose to flank, with a fluffy, feathered tip. The solar power stored along her spine is activated by her brain, and her tail feathers glow. Then, pressing her tail to the object, can excite the molecules enough to spread apart.

Also due to lack of teeth, she cannot speak very well. So instead of using tongue and teeth to communIcate, she has a variety of unusual vocal cords layered over top of each other. They enable her to make clicks, whistles, and chimes, much like an African Grey parrot, but advanced to the point where she can sing dubstep.

She is blind in her right eye, which is grey and shaded over, usually staring into the distance. Her left eye is a deep red, and reflects light as a cat's eye does.

Her long ears can pick up the slightest of sounds, and she has very fast reflexes. Along with good intuition, she is naturally very stealthy and clever.

Her tongue isn't as rough as a cat's, but not as smooth as a dog's, and can extend like a frog's up to 4 feet, compared to her 2-foot body length (not including the 3-foot tail). She mostly eats plants, but eats meat every once in a while. There is this habit she has to apologize to any prey she catches before she kills it, to give them one last sense of comfort.

She has her weaknesses as well as strengths. She cannot swim, she is eager to please, and easily falls asleep when petted or scratched.

Her pelt is striped black and white on her front left leg and back right leg. Her toes on these feet are white, and her toe pads are black. Those legs are black from the top of the toes to the top of the ankle, then white, then a stripe of black on the middle of the leg, then white, and then a last stripe of black Just below a white shoulder. Her other two legs Are all grey, including shoulder, toes, and flank. The toe pads are also Black.

Her eyes are outlined all the way around with black, and her ears are all black with three white stripes. Her underbellY and muzzle are white, and her back and back of the head are light grey. She has a black and white striped mohawk starting long at the top of her forehead, and gradually growing shorter down her spine, until it ends at the base of her tail, which has stripes of various lengThs, starting with black at the base of the tail, leading up to the feathers, which are striped with black, white, and grEy.


Goals (hoped to achieve by the end of year 2)->

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.(゚x o~7


Full name

Shaelynn Romero






April 29, 1998


Drawing, climbing, video games

Special skills



English and a bit of Spanish