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Hey.... There.

Throws marshmallows

Everyone loves Marshmallows. They just don't wanna admit it~<3

You wanna know about me, yes?

Welp.. Nope.

'Can't be bothered typing about myself.

You can call me marsh<3 Or mallow<3 or mawo<3 or anything really.

There's so many things to call me!!

But yes. I like marshmallows.

You can say I'm obsessed<3

I love making friends and I already have so many epic friends that I can't be bothered typing out but they are awesome! Yes. ;v;<3

I'm in a couple families too....

Awesome families.

I have charats&lt;3 (Character x cat)

'Cause cats are cool...

And I use <3 too much. ;^;<//33

That is all.

Good bye.

T ^T/)

*1:¯°·._.• ριик αи∂ ωнιтє мαяѕнмαℓℓσωѕ мαу ℓσσк ∂ιffєяєит, вυт ιи тнє ιиѕι∂є, тнєу αяє тнє ѕαмє. •._.·°¯