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Self introduction - I have no problems with showing it, as you are already familiar with the painting: it is the one at the top of this blog. They have had to take out a MASSIVE loan for these adoptions. The width of this section corresponds to about 65 mm on the real painting, so if you think my painting is rather coarse, take that into consideration. For the oil painting, Frazetta chose to hide most of the banths legs from sight. For instance, felt that the bobbucks torso was too short, and that the middle pair of legs would benefit from an idea I developed later: they are further apart than the front and middle pairs. My sentiments are that if I cannot sell the idea to a publisher with a worked-out and carefully edited sample like this, I cannot sell it at all. The pages look like the sample I showed earlier, right here. Turn over one of the ribbon pieces so you have a left and right ribbon. If I had read the books 10 years ago, I might have enjoyed most of them. Four year ago, almost to the day, I started this blog about Furahan Biology and Allied Matters. At one time, he revised Swords of Talera and started on a more serious search for a publisher. Personally, I think it makes more sense than the doubling design. So, what can be concluded from studying a century of thoat design? So, what ha...