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Hi my name is Melissa

I am 13 years old

and i am turning 14

on the 17/11/11

I am in Year 8

and I live in Sydney,


I like to draw Anime

My DSI Colour is Blue

I have been drawing since

I was in yr 3 i have done

a self portrait of myself

for skool but i mainly

draw anime/manga i've

only started drawing

anime/manga for about

a year.

I like to Dance, Draw

and go outings with

my friends.

My Favourite Anime tv

shows are Negima!, Haruhi,

Naruto, This Ugly Yet Beutiful

World and Lucky Star <3

My favourite Tv show

is Glee and Pretty Little Liars :P.







Me and Lacey are so cool we eat Hwomosmexual poo(brownies with m&m's)

MWAHAHHAHAHA love ya lacey <3


My Facebook fan page dont bother sending me a friend request because i will not accept any of them sorry.