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'Ello Everybody! I'm DARE but you can just call me Cat! Or Noodle but thats just what mah school friends call me. (Cuz of my love of Gorillaz!) So yesh, I love Gorillaz, the Beatles and anything to do with Improv. I love my buddies on Hatena you guys all ROCK! Urr... what else... OH! I'm ann actress, I'm in love with Theatre and ive been doing Theatre FOREVER. Here's some more of mah faves!

Movie: Wedding Singer

TV Show: Whose Line, Improv-a-Ganza, Scrubs, Top Gear, Drew Carey Show, Colbert Report, all that :3

Color: Purple

Animal: Kitties!

Actor: Jonathan Mangum <3

Actress: Heather Anne Campbell or Drew Barrymore

Any other questions feel free to ask me!

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