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PikAlex: I have no purpose here. This will be deleted anyways.

Back to you Boss... <xD


Sorry for not posting anything worth laying eyes on at all for almost 7 months! <xD

Ever since I went to college, I don't have much time for myself. It's not like when I was still in high school wherein the moment I got home, I work on flipnotes. <xD

Currently, I'm a sophomore. Only 5 more years(or possibly even more) 'til I become a vet! T_T"

OH YEAH...Tnx for the people who still watch my flipnotes. :D

Before I went inactive, I only had 2500+ fans. xD

Right now, I'll be learning Proper Time Management. Maybe I'm just not using my time right. There's a solution to everything. So real soon, I'll be posting again. [Though it's kinda hard for me to draw on the DSi now <xD]

I assure to you, I did NOT quit, most of my friends may have already quit, but I'm still here. I still watch and comment on flipnotes of my fave creators. xD

And one more thing, most people say that their reason for quitting is that Hatena sucks? Come on man, without it, you won't be who you are now! xD This site is one of my favorites! You make animations and just by that "post" button, people from all around the world can see it, AMAZING...ness. xD

Onward to my profile. [I'm putting my old one. I saved it. xD]


I'm sb_1_2_9, a below average creator!!

I know I'm not a really good artist but I hope you like my flips, and animating isn't really my thing...I think. =w=

some people call me sb, saber, on dA jubjub

here's some personal info about me:

Country: Philippines

Age:16 (eh...doesn't feel like it xD)

Name: (can never tell my real name..wahahahahaXD)

Currently in college studying Veterinary Medicine, wish me luck on my studies oFTo

My deviantart account:


all my fans are my friends and YOU if you want to

but one of them is my rival(it's a friendly rivalry xD)


get guaps to be my fan

get alejandro to be my fan

get yin to be my fan(achieved woohoo!)

get gizmo to be my fan

get shayatmos to be my fan(achieved oh yeah!)

get yuna to be my fan(achieved *goes nuts*)

get darkfox to be my fan( i dreaming?)

get xach/darkskies to be my fan

get islangirl to be my fan

get EpicGuitar to be my fan

get Anthony to be my fan

get Scribbler to be my fan

get やhíL!や to be my fan

get ★PiChU☆ to be my fan

get にirby$t@r☆ to be my fan(achieved! OMGOMGOMG XDD)

get Andrew~ to be my fan(achieved RAWRRAWRYEAAAAAHHHH xD)

get shinyeevee or maybe even ALL OF YOU to be my fan XD

...the goals list may grow as time goes by

Contest Placements:

1st Place in Abyss' Icontest

1st Place in Llama's Icontest

1st Place in Phantoms' Chao Contest

3rd Place in Jorge's Icontest

9th Place in Xach's Spin-off Contest

1st Place in Socks' Icontest

[I don't think I'll be entering Icontests voluntarily anymore, only if someone wants me to. <xD]"

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