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https://ejac.org - I left a comment at Chads blog explaining that it is implausible the proposed experiment will test any Planck scale effects. Chad Orzels blog or at Ars Technica: Nature published a paper by Pikovski et al on the possibility to test Planck scale physics with quantum optics. If one takes into account that for sums of momenta the relevant scale is not the Planck mass, but N times the Planck mass, the effect the authors consider is suppressed by roughly a factor 1010. This means the existing bounds (for single particles) cannot be significantly improved in this way. Consequently, a linear sum of momenta is no longer Lorentz-invariant. This is inconsistent. To maintain Lorentz-invariance, the modified sum must be used. The blog must be precise and revolve around the targeted keyword, but never be stuffed with it; else it wont be appealing for the reader. So should you write a science blog? How do science blogs change the face of science? If youre not sure though, I want to encourage you to give it a try because writing might just change your life. Its designed for PhD students, aspiring PhD students, advanced MBAs, financial engineers, people who are working in industry who might like to study PhD level finance but dont have the time, and so on. If it is broken, there exists a mul...