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hello im Tyler im 13 and i have the mind of a 18 or 19 year old , no one really cares about me so it doesnt matter , when im sad you can probably tell because i type fast make mistakes and i dont act normal many people think of me as evil but im not i have many nick names none are good i got most of them for my inability to feel pain if any one ever needs or wants something ill try to help in any way i can i love all people because each and every one of us were created in gods image we are all different but yet we are all the same, we all have faults no matter how big or small or what color your skin is or if youre male or female we are all people god loves us all and we should all love him things may not be the way you want them to be but you just gotta keep moving forward itll get better i promise and i wish that some day there will be universal peace and we can all hold hands and be one with one another we are all brothers and sisters


Michael Tyler Harkins