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hi peoples, i'm back! hahahahahaha........*awkward silence*

anyway, yea. my drawing style sort of changed a bit. to my opinion, anyway. so YEA, BEWARE HATENA >:D SILVIC IS GONNA KICK SOMEincase you didn't notice, i changed my name to Silvic. i've also changed the look of my OC's a lot, some of them anyway. my OC's are:(i have a lot)

Terra (veteran)

Nala (veteran)

Jadora (veteran)

Mitsumi (veteran)

Zeta (normal)

Sethen/Set (normal)

Takuto (normal)

Aki (normal)

Cirrus (normal)

Vynn (normal)

Arashi (normal)

Massacre/Sacre (new)

Aiza (new)

OC's kind of pile up after many years of drawing...:3 i luv dem all though♫

those are just some main ones, i have many more that might appear as minor rolls in flips :D

so bye!