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Username: PichuMigui

Name: Miguel

Nicknames: Migui. Miki, PM

Age: 13

Gender: Male

B-Day: 29/12

Languages: Spanish, bad english and a very very very bad french XD

Country: Madrid/Spain

Likes:Flipnote Hatena, Pokemon, Earthbound (Ness dB) you...tube XD, all mah friends!! dB, music, be popular XDDDDDDDDDD, videogames... BAHH!! Alot of things dB

Dislikes:False reporters, copiers, stolen flips, hate coments, False friends, Giygas ... AND MOOOOOOOOOOORE!!

Best friends on hatena:

J.D. (id:juanydomin) (real friends)

MijuAndrea (id:andrea-pichu97)

PIKA★BLACK (id:ranamona)

POWERNIKO (id:power-niko)

♪ELenA♪ (id:ElenaHelen)

sfm (id:superfanmario)

PacoD. (id:pacod)

Sarah (id:sarahbranko)

Miju-D@ni$ (id:y8y65ygyyft7lp007---guii)

Alex (id:alexsan)

Laura ☆ (id:Laura-kirby)

Laura♪™ (id:laurafan)

Miju-Oriol (id:Uricats)

Rilo (id:miresan635)

Iñigo (id:j8bs50mr3a)

PiKa ♪ (id:Laturi)


Anita (id:la-di-da)

My Juji (id:my-juji-XD)

Zero L. (id:luigilugia)

MijuBreon (id:pikato)

PikaYu™ (id:karoline)

snessie (id:snessie)

Lighty (id:Tanzpfote)

Anka♪ (id:AnKa)

And more friends but i don't have contact with them =w='


What are you thinking about?

Friends, we have a problem that we all are concerned. There are always more falsely reporters, stalkers, copiers and haters!

If you agree, we will now make a number of clips with the title: Hate-Na. (Name by id:Candyvanessa)

The emphasis is on the "Hate", because more and more people appear here, to ruin Hatena!

So much people leave Hatena cause of this!

The name have to do with "Hate" but the content have to do with "Na", we say "No" to the falsely reporters, stalkers, copiers and haters! Please tell it everywhere! I count on your support! Let us clean Hatena once and for all!

Please spread this message to others! When we all spread it, we will have enough people who agree!

(Original-message by id:Candyvanessa)



I can't go to hatena, thnx virus...>:1

Random : I like Ness dB

Do u like Earthbound? >:3