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Hiya! Im Faye And Im From Liverpool! And I Wuv Anime!

Really Luv All The Flipz Everyonez Doin!

Yep I Am Totally Absolutley RANDOOOMMMM! I Know I Havent Been Postin Alot And Im Sowwie :( Just Been Ded Buzy With Skwl.But U Know Wat I Only Got Like 7 dayz in april So Yay!

Anyway Back On Me.Well My Charaz:

Chara Number 1:

Name: Renee

Age: 16 (somtimez 17.....i dunno yet xD)

Notes You Shud Know: She's A Mew Mew.Now If u watch Mew mew powa u know XD CLUEZ IN DA NAME

Chara Number 2:

Name: Ichigo

Age: 14

Notez: Ichigo Was Made Wen I Had A Chara Comp And Well The Winnin One Was From....Ichigo xD

Okaii I wanna thank my friendz and fanz For 43 Fanz and 44,000 Starz THANK CHUUUU!

Ok My Hatena Goals:

45,000 Stars by end of march DONE!

50,000 Stars By Summer break ALREADY DONE!!! (Just completed thankz to Becca & Emily!!!!! ^.^)

50 Fans by end of April (Or March,Even Better)DONE!

100 Fans By Next Year

100,000 Stars by my 12th Birthday

To Be a good drawer >w<

Upcomin Flips!!!!!:

I Will Post On This Often ^.^:

I Havent gotta clue >w<

Ok! So now i gotta go! See ya round!