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Heyy guys, it's me, Lyric! So yeah, I guess you should know a little about me. I absolutely, positively, 100% NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, love, love, LOVE my art. I've dedicated my life to my art, and I plan to attend Savannah College of Art and Design for my degree in Animation. My Great Aunt was an artist. She died before I was born. I hope I'll be able to be as good as she was:)

yeah, umm... I really love dogs and wolves. Well, all animals, really! But especially canines! I've always grown up around them, and they've always been there when I need them:)

And as some of you are as well, I'm a Pegasister. Enough to be said about that:D

Umm,I play the flute in the band at school, and I sing some in chorus. I am currently learning how to play the guitar and I can blare a trumpet!xD

Well, I think that's about it for All About Me. Hope you enjoy me and my art!:D