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My name's TJ. Short for Tyler Johnson (Johnson is my middle name)

Well, my flipnote name is FireHyena.

So, I'll let'cha in on a few secrets.

I'm 13. I have short hair, and usually spike it up. My hair's brown. I got a few highlights that are barely noticable. I have a piercing in my LEFT ear, which means, (you guessed it), I'm straight. I have an amazing girlfriend, who I love alot<3 My favorite color is blue. My room theme is practically blue xD I play guitar, drums, keyboard, and trumpet. I love music. Country. Pop. Rock. Hip-hop. Electronic dance. You name it. I'll listen to basically anything on the radio. I play soccer and basketball on my Jr. High team. I'm 5"1 and 95 pounds. Just because I'm short and skinny, doesn't mean I don't know how to throw a party xD Overall, I'd say I'm a pretty fun person. Watch out. You'll never find anyone else like me.(;

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