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I want to share my idea's.There is a few things I would like to say.1:I will unlock flip notes with only the audio,unless it is either a icon or sprites,or anything else important.2:All the flips I post will be my own,unless it's a game,edit me or maybe tag flips.3:I'll try not to make any flip look like star begging. Personally,I get pretty annoyed for seeing them.Also spin offs with no effort and work.If I am to get popular,I want it to be by my own work,not somebody else's.I've been watching and reading this site for quite a while.And I believe people deserves to do their own work.MwWill out.{Edit}Me and my cousin will work together on flips,and might place our signiture on our own flipnotes.MwWill and MadFox out.Edit:The Dsi no longer works right,but we are getting our own XL's soon,and I am going to transfer this account to it.MwWill out.Edit:My XL command code,A,X,up,X,B,X,R,down.Mad and MM has their own.