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I bought a DSi XL to replace my busted old DSi just for FLIPNOTE STUDIO, i just could not stay away.

List of my characters in my flipnotes so far:

KOBO: the one with the gunwrench, total self-insertion character.

HOURS, CHEV: my main female character, she has a ballistic hunting knife that transforms into a giant hammer with a scythe attachment called Bash Ripper.

HUGO, SAMSON: the President of the United States of Giga Triggr. He's the coolest guy on the planet. He wields his fists, a magnum, and an amazing sense of justice.

UWAngeL 1-15: Giant psychotic apocalyptic androids with gratuitous firepower. Hugo turns into one because of #9.

BENNINGS, RICHARD: The creepy smile guy with the goggles. He's a good guy, but his miracle medicine created the AngeL gene so now he's out of his mind.

GILELLE, VIOLATOR: An angst driven girl with a hot temper and insanely destructive evil powers that cause her to grow horns and go around doing bad things to ruin people's days for the fun of it. She weilds a diamond shaped mace that opens up in a clam shell fashion to reveal an unlimited capacity ammunitions gatling minigun.

Working steadily, hope to have some new stuff here soon.

You know the drill, i love cake. Include cake in the comments. GIGA TRIGGR!