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Hello my name is Nerissa.(As you know)xD I like comedy and cool drawings. I've been drawing through my whole life and still continuing. Im really funny and love to make people laugh, even with my friends. I love video games on any system.

If u guys have Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Reflex for the wii, my fc is 4673-1663-8595. Then leave ur fc on my newest flipnote and hope we can play each other. My username is [AR]GirlXD

I finally got Black Ops for the wii ^^ my fc is 0357-5338-0368

My Gamertag on Xbox 360 is GirlXD21 >FT< Add me and I'll add u too

Im mostly at my friends chatroom or even drawing people's icons too.

So I hope u guys like my flipnotes and hopefully we can be friends.

Bye oFTo