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Just a pic of nerdy ol' me.

(Without glasses on though)


amphibiousBubbles [AB] started trolling..

I'm that one chick who decided to steal Kanaya's title as the Sylph of Space.

...Don't come here expecting ACTUAL content.

real name: Amber

nickname: Nano (Paz, Amby, PnJ, Scoots)

i am 0% girly, 50% Homestucker, 50% Brony , and 100% moron~!!!


favorite quotes:

"Reality is a lovely place, but i wouldn't want to live there."- Owl City

"Sometimes life is not a cake walk served up on a silver spoon."- Friendship is Witchcraft

"There's more than one way to be a girl."- Lauren Faust

"Edd may be gone, but his world will keep on spinning." -Tom Ridgewell

"It's pretty swell."- Edd Gould

"You abscond the f**k out of there!" - Homestuck


i like pepsi AND lolis

current addictions: MLP FIM, Adventure Time, The Legend Of Korra, Homestuck


My Hatenastuck team!:

Omega Kids:

1- "Amber Martin" (Salamander/Sylph of Space/Leo)

2- "Jessica Jaffy" (Phantom/Knight of Space/Aries)



Proto Kids:

1- "











Capricorn- "Raymbo Riggert" (Mr. Fifi/Ray)


Pisces- (NekoKitty/Aeris/Sylph of Light)


Day One: Your favorite Kid

Day Two: Your favorite Troll

Day Three: Your patron Troll

Day Four: Your favorite page[s]

Day Five: Your favorite flash

Day Six: Your favorite song

Day Seven: Your favorite Lusus

Day Eight: Your favorite Guardian

Day Nine: Your favorite Exile

Day Ten: Your favorite alchemized item

Day Eleven: Your favorite pesterlog

Day Twelve: Your favorite planet

Day Thirteen: Derse or Prospit?

Day Fourteen: The Midnight Crew or The Felt?

Day Fifteen: Doc Scratch or Bec Noir?

Day Sixteen: Favorite member of The Midnight Crew/The Felt

Day Seventeen: Favorite Derse Agent

Day Eighteen: Favorite Overall Character

Day Nineteen: A post dedicated to your Moirail

Day Twenty: A post dedicated to your Matesprit

Day Twenty-One: A post dedicated to your Auspitice[s]

Day Twenty-Two: A post dedicated to your Kismesis

Day Twenty-Three: Your favorite Flash Game

Day Twenty-Four: The saddest death

Day Twenty-Five: Your intro into Homestuck

Day Twenty-Six: Your favorite Ancestor

Day Twenty-Seven: Your favorite set of horns

Day Twenty-Eight: One character you'd want to know in real life

Day Twenty-Nine: One character you could ki.ll

Day Thirty: A message for Andrew Hussie




Vinyl Scratch is BEST PONY.


Okay, we all know that Gamzee is best troll.

But Terezi and Tavros are close seconds.


RIP Edd Gould (1988-2012)

we'll all miss you Edd; hope your doing pretty swell.

(Tek-ton was here)

My favorite songs out of Homestuck vol. 9 so far. (In order)

  • Crystalme.thaquins
  • Pumkin Party in Sea Hi.tlers Water Apocol.ypse
  • Candles and Clockwork (Alpha Ver.)
  • Anbroids V2.0