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im 12 i have a great sense of humor and i guess thats it 030 and my goals are to becaome a great animater and become poplar. and get a red star-done and 10000000 stars not even close >.< and to get 100 fans and more not even close!



I love anime and manga. i know almost all of them,

my fav tv shows are Ren and stimpy (I know LITTLE TO OLD FOR THAT),SGT frog,Fullmetal Alchemist, dirarara (hope i spelled it right), Dragonball Z,and Invader Zim!

i love reading fanfics and almost anything.

im a boy...or im i.....

i lovc to draw but not on the dsi XL because i suck at drawling with it!

im very friendly,really random once you get to know me but really shy sadly :(

well that some stuff about me and if you actually read to the end then your AWESOME!! that is all cya d0-0b