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Hi! My name is NeoCOMET but to know my real name, answer this riddle: In day I am blue, in the night I am black and when I cry I am gray...

Ok,I been on hatena for over a year now, and I'm still not bored of it! lol also I now have a DeviantART account! My user name is NeoWOLF7777. Ok, I make flips of alot of stuff, right now, I have 2 series The Chao show and Sparx the wolf. The Chao show is a spin-off series of the first thing I made on hatena called Chao the movie. The series is about the 5 main chao characters Chopper,Otto,Dash,Larry and Chaos who goes on alot of crazy adventures most like the on they had on the movie.

Each episode has at least 10 parts.

Sparx the wolf is a sonic series about my sonic O.C. Sparx who was born from another world but then was sent to mobius (sonic's home world) and lost his entire memory of ever living in his home world. 15 years later, on his 18th Birthday/Anniversary of when his best friend Tyson the bear and his mom found him at the age of 3. He started having strange dreams and images of shadowy figures and lost memories of his home world. Now after comming across a silver arch, Sparx and his friends got sent to the vary world sparx left behind and finds out who he truly is.