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As of 2017 it's been around 5 years since Hatena shut down.

I'd like to give a little insight for people who may have known me.

My name is Erick. I'm currently 18 years old. When I joined Hatena I didn't know I'd get into an experience I'd never forget. It was truly a blissful moment being able to share my art and animation to my friends, and my escape from my harsh realities.

My reputation, however, was not so well. Not only was I leading other people on, I was a cheater. The many people my old self used to crush on and eventually date were backstabbed, and I saw it as "getting bitches" at the time. It was around a year after the Flipnote Hatena shutdown where I realized I had been doing the wrong thing. I'm devistated because now that I can relate to the people I've hurt, I can never truly be happy, because I will never more than likely see my old friends again.

We've all departed ways. I would do anything to get my friends, acquaintances, and fans back. If you perhaps find this, I am still alive. I have moved on to Flash Animation and Digital Art, my passion for art has skyrocketed because of the Flipnote Hatena service but I can only thank the people around me who made it happen. But I also have to say I'm very sorry to everyone I've hurt.

My new alias is "Yunero" now.

YouTube: Yunero

DeviantArt: yyunero

Discord: yunero#4260

These are my main platforms you can reach me by. Please, if any of you are out there, I'd love a chance to talk to you again.

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