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Hello I'm Nina i hope you will enjoy my flips. Here is a little bit about me.

First of all... I LOVE LUIGI!!!!!! Yep that wimpy guy in the green cap with awesome mustache is my favorite character of ALL TIME. I AM OBSESSED WITH HIM AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Just ask my BFF $hadow$tar (she is also obsessed) i also love Princess Daisy and Yoshi but not as much as... LUIGI! okay.. enough of that *huff huff*

I also like sonic, my favorite characters are:

1. Rouge the bat

2. Shadow the hedgehog

3. Blaze the cat and Silver the hedgehog

My favorite couple is Shadouge.

My Main o.c is Christina the bat

Hetalia too!

N. Italy





Yay Itapan!

Biographies if anyone cares!*


Hello i'm Nina but my real name is *LOUD NOISE*. I'm very weird and random and that will be displayed on my flips. I also love playing video games that are in the Mario series because they are AWESOME!!! I like to thank all my friends for their support and stuff. LUIGI ROCKS!!!

Christina the Bat:

Hi I'm Nina's Main O.C Christina the vampire bat! There's not really anything special about me, I'm just your average idiot bat. People say i'm super nice,only sometimes i totaly freak out... but thats only when i'm really umm... "Thirsty" I always try to make new friends, so feel free to hang out with me!

Nina: okay Christina not many people care about you!

Christina: Shut Up!

Nina: Whatever... anyway

I Like cookies

$hodow$tar is awesome

Penguins rule

Samantha<3 is the best cousin ever

I love purple

Christina: Noctum you still owe me a pair of socks!

I'm weird and proud

:)Cristi has pretty hair


Hola Hola Hola MArI

Hi Gray Chan!


I think thats it... okay bye.