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I like tacos and ferrets i like drawing birds lol i stink at drawing im really awesome i pown!im random most of the time!!!i love music........i like to scooter and hang with my friends most of my friends are boys i hang with girls but boys tend to hang with me alot so i consider myself a tomboy (bc i am) i type really fast i type 35 words a min. I no its not alot but i type really long so i can finish 3 sentences in 1 min. I love being myself! I sometimes laugh at random stuff sometimes if u get hurt or mad ill crack up laughing. my favorite quote:Its only fun until someone gets hurt....then its hilarious!! I love shadow the hedgehog and snoopy. I HATE Justin beaver i mean Beiber.... im funny my names Taylor. Im amused easily. Tickle Me Elmo scares me i think he's going to eat me bc he always stares at me....... oh one thing Warning:I am random....alot!!!!!!!!!!I'm porta rican lol i spell wrong sometimes i was born in the USA and i love it here!I have pets! Im a girl......and blah blah oh yea i love gir!!! Gir:There's waffles in these waffles!!! I go on youtube and add me if you want Habbo:Ferretzrock. Thats it..............................RAWR!!!!!Oh yea ill take request as long as they are animals ppl.......would look like....Justin beiber but ugly........wait he is lol!!!So just comment a request ill do names or animals gir too........Just comment on my newest flips tht i post and ill try to get to mkin them ASAP dont be