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First thing you should know is i'm in love with mysterious stuff and drawing angels! i love drawing pretty much anything and animating

but i do have other faves ^.^


Harvest Moon

and all Pokemon Games really

animal crossing and dragon quest is a big fave too<3


Green and Black<3


i like to draw different characters and add different styles to each of them. oh! and drawing angel wings!(: its one of my hobbies&lt;3

thats it for faves ^.^

if you don't think im on hatena, i usually am, im just working on flips to post.

i do take requests but ONLY if i post a flipnote saying i am! mickey is my nickname cuz i refuse to use my real name >:D

Tips for creators:

1. don't post flipnotes that are starbegging in any way! you will get negative comments and possibly reported! its a bad way to earn stars!

2. don't repost a flip and not change anything in that flip. its called a stolen flip, and you can also get reported!

3. make your own flips with music or comedy in it. people enjoy flips like those. also if you find a flip you want to make a spin-off of, change the characters or drawing used..if you know what i mean, and don't just copy!

follow rules like those and you'll get popular soon enough ^.^

well i don't want to bore you, so i hope you enjoy my flips and even if you don't that's ok..i try my best, bye ^.^ ~Mickey