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RC is on a BIG break while I work on my sprite pack. CURRENT SPRITE PACK UPDATE:

207 pages

3 pages of sprites made by me

Status for other unposted flips:

Other random animation flips: These will be posted without warning. They may not be spinoffs, but usually will be spinoffs injected with my characters.

Sprite Template: This will be posted soon

Hilarious April Fools Day Pranks 3: When HAFDP 2 gets 5000 views, I will work on #3.

Minesweeper DSi: This one will have numbers to tell you how many bombs are around the square to make it more eficcent.

Nvjds stats: This will be made on a random date.

Happy BDay to me!: This will be posted on June 2nd, my birthday. Make a spinoff of it drawing me a happy birthday card UNLOCKED, and I will combine them all into one big happy birthday to me cards flip!


I may be quitting. Im really sorry. will come back sometime...