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MY FAKEBOOK (because i don't give my real facebook) http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003915161643&sk=wall

Add me! ;)

_*° NEWS °*_ 30/06/2012 :: I've deleted all my flips.

Léa / 16 / ♀ / France

Hello everyone! My name is Lea, but my friends prefer to call me Mimi ..! Hehehe ...

In short, I'm usually pretty excited, talkative when I know the people, even to tell stuff rambling xD

I love music, partying, annoy my fat cat, hanging out with my friends, and especially eating raw carrots (♥ YUMMY ♥)

I have an overactive imagination (I think its just be on my way. _. ')

Besides the drawing is part of my passion. I do not excel in this area, but I also know that I did not fall within the worst. Ohohoh!

I welcome your opinion on my work. This would allow me to be better myself, thank you!

My Deviant Art: http://misuii.deviantart.com/

My email: lea-nekobaka@hotmail.fr

Bye Bye !

(God my oh Google translate is so useful!)

~ Misui~☆ (id:NyankoSan)




15 years




Frensh, English and Spanish :D