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Namie: Jamie Lynn [Last Name Invalid]

Age: ...LMAO

DOB: Sept 11

Gender: Female

Species: I think I am part toyota...

I'm 1/4 Japanese (Hi Nana!)

3/4 Black

1/4 White....LMAO

I/m a mutt.

Favorite Color/s: (In Order of greatest to least) Purple, White, Black, Silver, Burgendy, Red.



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There`s too much to tell. You can check me out and get to know me on Facebook and Twitter...but you`ll have to ask if you want to find me.

If you want to Roleplay with me, then let me know and we can swap e-mail somehow...because I don't want to put it up on here.


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SA (Sonic Adventure) Story

[Trapped in a master emerald for centuries, Dr. Robotnic (A.K.A Eggman) stumbled upon her in his hunt for power and chaos emeralds. What luck, it was like finding another chaos. He attempted research on her to find out her origins and learn how to control her so there would be no mistakes...like with chaos. Unfortunately there was nothing at all about the mysterious emerald. Since he found it near Albion, home of the ancients, he assumed she was some god-like creature. Slowly he tested the emerald, finding valuable information. Soon he would make attempts to extract her. One night, freedom fighters infiltrated Eggman’s hold, having learned of his new toy and thirst for ultimate power. Intent on stopping him and taking the emerald, they located Miyst’s crystallized form. Just as Espio was about to break the code, Shadow appeared, stating that he would take her, she belonged to him and her power was his power. A fight broke out, alerting Eggman. Soon the room was filled to overflowing with robots, and freedom fighters alike, all fighting for control of the mysterious gem. Knuckles deflected a shot aimed at him and it hit the emerald, which Shadow happened to be standing on, powering up his use of chaos control. The hit cracked the gem and Miyst’s eyes opened. All stood back in awe as the emerald shattered and there floated Miyst, without a second glance she blasted them all and everything went black. The good awoken in their homes as though they had been dreaming and Eggman stood in the ruins of his home, as though he lost a great war. disappeared. Shadow searches for her still. She was the key of Maria, her keepsake that had Miyst had been kept hidden for years. Shadow had thought Miyst destroyed, remembering the days when Maria would sit in front of Miyst’s capsule and simply watch. In metal city, Miyst awoke to bright lights and loud sounds. She was nude and bandaged, and remembered nothing save her name. Her savior took care of her until she was well and let her stay until she felt it necessary to travel on. She had to know who she was…how did she come to be…and what secrets she held that made the entire world want her.]

More to Come Later. [Don't steal my idea's, find your own brain.]

I'm not sure if I will be adding my anime character story. It's too big.

You can learn more here --->


Other Characters:

Coming Soon


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