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Payton: The girl you'd love to hate! I'm a Straight A student, a flute player. Hatena is not a dating site, your profile is a description of you, not "12 and single and looking for love." Call my friends and I ugly, please I wish you would...then you would have a reason to report me. You think you have an attitude? You think you're cool? Meet me because "you ain't seen nothing yet". Southern Belle I am. Go ahead, diss me. 12 year olds get a life and stop acting 2 and falsely reporting everybody. Trebs are cool, but flutes rule! I'm in a real happy relationship (what are the odds) you, Zac. Back off girls, he's mine only. I'm an 11:11 wisher. I hate when people walk around saying "Yolo" every 5 seconds. Get a life, you're not Drake. My fave bible verse is Matthew 15:14. My fave song is Marilyn Monroe. Wanna impress me? Sing it! Wanna hear a cat joke? Too bad, I was just kitten! I'm an American, not an American't. I do what I feel is needed to make the world better. Like you gotta have more cowbell, you gotta have more Pay. Call me what you want. I've been called worse by better people! Write that down 'cuz its a good one. I like fake people.... who am I kidding, I'm a bad liar. That's all (for now). So, cha cha cha! This one's for the flute! Payton & Zac. Love you!