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Introductions are not my thing...

Hello, I'm PUKUPUKUPU. You can just call me Puku for short -w-

(Do people even read these?)

Errr..so, I'm a Korean GIRL who's very awkward when it comes to introducing herself. (as you can see, this is painful for me)

I love anime/manga, drawing (obviously), anything cute and fluffy -w-, sweets, 少年T(ShounenT),ASK ,そらる(Soraru),vocaloid,acoustic guitar, GUNTHER(the penguin, if you get it C:),Loki,K-pop, Adventure Time, fantasy/fiction books/movies, daydreaming,cold weather,bubble tea, and sleeping. ;;

I hate dell peppers, cherry flavoring, stealing,rudeness, snobs, BUGS, allergies, and ignorance.

That's pretty much all you need to know..

I love my fans and friends. (you know who you are <3) I'm always thankful for the comments,favorites, and stars, no matter how random they are. (So what are you waiting for? I won't bite..... unless you bite me first.)

Someday,someday, I hope to become a great artist like some people here on flipnote are.