Im 13 almost 14. I like pokemon and drawing. Im in 8th grade and have the Youtube channel Paigerena where me and my friends are pokemon and tell people about our CRAZY FREAKY CRAZY lives. That's right i said crazy twice to emphasize freaky XD. I LOVE wizards of waverly place and So Random. RANDOMNESS IS AWESOME! Meeting Selena or Demi would be THE BEST THING EVER!!!!! Hope you like my flips THANKS!!!

  • I play SmallWorlds if you do to my person is Aura Noel (I own a pokemon art shop)
  • On youtube search Paigerena and you'll find me and my videos.
  • I also play spore if you see any hot pink things named Ginger they are probably mine :)
  • I play SSBB and later i'll put up my wii code (im usually pit or lucario)
  • I'll put up my friend code for my pokemon games later too ;)
  • Mario Kart if you are on wi fi and see a Paige who has black hair and is Rosalina on that one bike that looks like bowser that's me. I'll put that up later too.